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Three days before Cassie’s death, Horsfall had missed the entrance to a petrol station in Colchester, Essex, and driven into trees.The police performed a roadside eyesight test, which he failed.‘In those days it could take around 14 days for the DVLA to revoke a licence,’ says Jackie, 57, from High Wycombe.Over-60s are involved in quarter of the number of crashes that those in their 20s are.But analysis of 2,000 accidents has proved that when older drivers are in a crash, they’re more likely to be partly or fully to blame.

And last week, dementia sufferer James Harris, 87, was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving when he accidentally accelerated across a road and into a charity shop in Petts Wood, South-East London.

Pat, from Hartley Wintney in Hampshire, is understandably angry. It’s unforgivable.‘Neil has been robbed of his future. He paid the ultimate price for another family’s complacency.’Waddell, who lives near Bridgend, South Wales, admitted causing death by careless driving and received a nine-month suspended sentence.

He’d started a new job, working in accounts, two weeks before the accident. But Pat, who is retired from working in hotel hospitality and is divorced from Neil’s father Leslie, believes there should be far stricter rules for older drivers when it is time for them to renew their licence.

Despite having failed an eye test just 24 hours earlier, retired GP Turner Waddell was still behind the wheel. He was on his way home from work and overtaking a slow-moving vehicle on the A30 in Hampshire when he was confronted by Waddell’s Volvo travelling the wrong way down the dual carriageway.

Neil’s mother Pat hasn’t cooked a roast since that day six years ago. Another driver who was also overtaking managed to squeeze back into the inside lane, but Neil had nowhere to go. Drivers at the scene dragged Waddell and his wife from their vehicle, but Neil’s doors jammed and his car caught fire. The day before the accident, Waddell had failed a hospital eye test.

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Currently, drivers must renew their licence just before their 70th birthday if they intend to stay behind the wheel.

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