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When he moved to New York in 2010 he signed up to courses at four different schools and is currently a Ph D student in English at Yale.“People like to split it up and make me seem like I’m schizophrenic or something,” he shrugs.When the trailer for The Interview, about a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un was released, North Korea issued a statement that releasing the film would be a “war action”.Sony refused to pull the film, although the chief executive of Sony in Tokyo, Kazuo Hirai, argued for some cuts to be made.It is hard now to conceive of the opening of a major film festival without James Franco appearing in at least one film.He is arguably the hardest- working actor in showbusiness.

This resulted in Franco persuading the soap General Hospital to give him the role of Franco, an artist and serial killer, which was then dissected in his 2012 film Maladies.Yet what could have been the last laugh for Franco, was somewhat tainted by Pascal failing to save her job at Sony. “I mean everybody was surprised and hopefully, when something like this happens again, we’ll learn from it.In the end it was a real shame that Amy Pascal had to step down because she was an incredible studio head, and I don’t think she should take the blame for, you know, what happened.” He doesn’t think he should take the blame, either.I was unhappy with how I was conducting myself in the professional film world and I was making myself very unhappy,” he says. It wasn’t really a crisis of faith or anything like that...But I did have a similar thing, when I was 27 and I went back to school.”He enrolled at UCLA for an English major in 2006.

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As he told David Letterman, “we never felt like we were responsible or doing something wrong”.

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