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"But I never met him, I never mentioned him in an interview, I never mentioned him in that way to anybody that I know. Anytime any [media source] ever says `a friend said,' or `a close' whatever—no, they didn't! It's clear she'd rather talk about anything else, but she submits, perhaps eager to set the record straight.

"All celebrities," she jokes, "have to be involved in drama—or they're not celebrities! "As friend and fellow Idol alum Kellie Pickler says of the controversy Underwood attracts, "She's already proved she can sing her ass off. Wynonna Judd says Carrie's brand of country is vanilla! At the mere mention of Simpson's name, Underwood begins biting her nails nervously.

I'm 41 and I can bring up a song from my era, and she'll know all the words—from every kind of genre.") Underwood's father was a computer operator at a paper mill; her mother taught elementary school.

"I never did without, but we weren't rich by any means," Underwood says. My parents were in a good financial position when I was born, so I was probably a little more spoiled than my sisters were." (They married at 17 and 19 and now have children.)In third grade, Underwood began landing leading roles as Mother Nature and Mrs. "That was the first time I noticed people being pleased with what was coming out of my mouth," she says, laughing.

Outside the door she blissfully announced, "This country girl is goin' to Hollywood!

" Underwood went on to become American Idol's biggest-selling champion to date, as the usually pitiless judge Simon Cowell prophesied weeks before she won the fourth season's competition in spring 2005.

By the time she went off to college in Tahlequah, Underwood "was pretty much resigned to, Hey, the singing thing was done," Dean says.

Carrie Underwood always sleeps with the bathroom light on in her hotel room everywhere she goes because often she wakes up in the middle of the night having no idea where she is, and no one is there to tell her. In three months, it'll be `Carrie said she's not dating anybody,' yet last night, I was out on the town with some guy. "If I meet somebody, and they don't know anything about me, that's like, `Oh, you're going to actually get to know me a little bit before you go Google me?

She's been on the road since February supporting her double-platinum sophomore album, Carni­val Ride, traveling by bus almost every day, hitting the stage most nights at another big arena in another middle-size city, and is scheduled to play about 140 gigs by the end of this year. ' " But Underwood's mass celebrity is almost impossible to escape at this point.

There followed three Grammys, six Academy of Country Music awards, and four—and counting—Country Music Association awards. Says Travis about Underwood's gift, "She knows how to choose material that works for her as a singer.

Her first album, Some Hearts, is one of the bestselling country music records in history and has been certified seven times platinum, and Carnival Ride has had three No. And she's grown so much as a writer, as a performer. She's really growing as a career artist, and there's no end in sight for her."Cut to March 2008—four years and two albums totaling more than million in sales later. These songs connect with an audience on a personal level—they're songs they can relate to, because they've lived through what's being said in the song."That equation has worked both ways for Carrie Underwood. "You're plucking someone out of nowheresville, wherever they may be, in some job that they probably don't like, or going to school, or not doing anything....

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