Dating a yamaha sa2018

For example, a 013 would be the 13th guitar made that day.

Certain types of Yamaha guitars have a slightly different serial number system.

The minimum we require is the chassis number, a photo of the bike, your details and payment but please try to send us as much documentation as possible - tips are listed below - and our appointed Dating Officer will get your Motorbike Registration arranged with the minimum of fuss.

It is made in Japan, and of Sakura wood which gives it very good acoustics.

This lovely old 1972 Yamaha had spent its days in Colorado USA where the air is clean and had not suffered any corrosion whatsoever.

It was imported into the UK in October 2013 without its US title.

Read the next two numbers in the serial number, which indicate the day of the month that the guitar was created.

Examine the last three numbers, which indicate the order of production.

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