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Near the end Bila Tserkva under the applause of thousands of spectators strikes in the second ball.The final whistle of the referee has fixated the victory of Bila Tserkva with the score 2:1.The All-Union sport society of Dynamo itself was just earlier formed in 1923 on the initiative of the Felix Dzerzhinsky.Under the banner of Dynamo gathered the representatives of the GPU (the State Political Directorate, that is, the Soviet secret police), the best footballers of which defended the honors of the Trade Union club "Sovtorgsluzhashchie" (portmanteau for Soviet retail servicemen).Leaders of the Ukrainian SSR unofficially regarded the club as their national team and provided it with generous support, making Dynamo a professional team of international importance.

Since 1936, Dynamo has spent its entire history in the top league of Soviet and later Ukrainian football.

The leadership of Dynamo, however, did not dare to reorganize the well-established club and the main title contender in the middle of a playing season and therefore the first mentioning about the football club Dynamo could only be found on 5 April 1928 in the Russian-language newspaper Vecherni Kiev ("Evening Kiev").

It was then when by the initiative of Semen Zapadny, chief of the Kiev GPU, the football team was created.

The Hungarians proposed a return match, held on 26 July, but were defeated again, 3–2.

"Start"'s streak was noticed and a match was announced for 6 August against a "most powerful" "undefeated" German Luftwaffe Flakelf (anti-aircraft artillery) team, but despite the game being talked up by the newspapers, they failed to report the 5–1 result.

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