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Whereas the moving Indians advanced more ahead by means of wisdom, sincerety and hard toil.... New skilss like Manthra-sathram, Dhanur-Sasthram (Bow & Arrow), Ayur-Vedam, Jothisham, Vaana Sasthram etc. The indiran worship and indu religion was evolved out from tamil culture. Again sanskrit mixed with tamil formulating other dravidian languages. This should comprehensively prove that - Sanskrit has borrowed heavily from the Prakrit & Pali for words (which are theorised as ancient kodunthamizh) - and also that "thamizh" ezuththu is far ancient than the Sanskrit script! Anybody trying to call a section of Indians, as Aryan or Dravidian accept that Indians are not knowlegable. Aryans are there and Dravidians were there long before! Moses Mohammed Solomon From you name - I know you are a menace! Unification of these / the trying to do this will make another religion. Most of the Indo-European root words are not available in Sanskrit. Roots of all Sanskrit words are available in tamil whereas most of the Sanskrit roots are not available with Sanskrit. Dating of Literature is not done by me, but by Scholars especially without any internal motives.as the History speaks of the Tamilians of Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and elsewhere, well-known for such exemply Human potentialities coupled with with high human calibre. added honour to that subsequent classical language. In the sameway tamil produced paly(vada pali) language. Tamil was not originated in north but in deep south kondwana kingdom- lemuria kingdom,kumari river,kamari mountain ,pagruli river background. How come such a huge evidence be NOT accepted by those who seek to give Sanskrit more ancinetness than thamizh?!! Dear Thiru Soloman, :) History telling is based on scientifical facts and not that compromising like two eyes and such kind of integrity / unity making. But there are lot of religions in world which induced this three religions. Hence Kindly do not make history interpretation based on commonness but make through facts. The results got from the following interpretations proved this. All Indo-European root words are available in tamil. Tholkappiayam Dating with any Previuous needs appropriate proofs.//THIRAI KADAL OADIYUM DHIRAVIYAM THAEDU// Go over sea and search and gather "move? FSG: Because Christianity(Xty) wanted to spread itself, spoiled the natives , today America, Australia, Philipines the natives are minorities to less than 10%, by the time Xty came to India, Civilisation has grown and Killing was not possible and They used Dividie and rule." I believe the word Dhiraviyam is Thamizh or to have a reasonable Thamizh root. The Earliest visitor to Madurai-Robert-Denobili had to learn Telugu/Tamil and Sanskrit to Probagate, and made A Forgery Veda and Caught and left and died a lonely death in Chennai.Kings encouraged that Deva-basha, spread it amongst the Linguistic scholars but considered Tamil as a cheap Tribal Language and inferior to Sanskrit., which alone were suited for the Intellectuals. There are lot of evidences proved that like americans today tamilieans overrule the world through their businesses and culture before 3000 years back. Go through a book called 'dravidar varalaru' if any objection you can call it tamil varalaru- written by sothi prakasam. Hence tamils hereafter should not depend on sanskrit. Dating of RAamayan I gave is accepted by Devanaya Pavanar and ALL International Universities, see of Rig Veda, was back dated by Maxmuller to 1300 to 400 BCE, that is to back Bible OT which Moses is dated to 13th Cen.So the Kings and the Scholars were conversing in Sanskrit while the people were speaking Tamil. Tamils contribute to eriteria,kaltheya,babylonea, Greece, Egypt and other meditaranean civilizations. They should have a vision that sanskrit root words are with tamil. But evidence from Archealogy at Babylon and other places dates Vedas to 2000 BCE to 600 BCE, whereas Books of Moses to later than 350 BCE.

Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.Dr Ambedkar used to call himselves as the True Aryan. "Aariya" naattinar aanhmaiyoadu iyatrum seeriya muyarchigalh. It is totally wrong to say that the so called ARYANS entered into India as Domiciles from the Middle-East and that the most Ancient people of India were called as DRAVIDIANS. In an urgent haste move to revive social emancipation(which was required also) The god inththran/varunan heritage was thrashed out which happen to be a proof of culture that led the north Indians stick to sarasvathi culture of india and claim this was the prime culture of India than sinthu valley. We should accept that Sanskrit and Tamil as Two Eyes of India.In fact there were no separate Races as Aryans and Dravidians. The secular character of tamil sangam literature also attacked by such groups telling tamils dont have any history. European Scholars, seeing that Sanskrit Literature- has somuch, said Indians cannot have such Knowledge and Identified SAnskrit is from them and called Aryans- for which there is no basis. While the Earliest of Tamil Literaure Tholkappiyam is dated to 350 CE, That's lie no 2.In the regions of the present Turkey, Burma, and Middle-East the Humans were only Savages. Due to personal attack the flow of informations and discussions stopped abruptly and those who follow your discussions get disappointment. Every ideology turns negative(atleast one or two -ve side effects) in its extreme level is true in world history. "þ¡ Ψø" Ģ - ̾¢ : [/tscii:3c7d674c4b] [tscii:3c7d674c4b]"" â¡  Ţ. Vedas- which is in unrefined SANSKRIT is dated now 2000-600 BCE( see wikipedia), but many Tamil Scholars in eagerness to lift Tamil try to date Sanskrit to later date, without proper basis.The rest of the world mostly were capped up with Ice. British dictators purposively made the false histories written just with a malefic intention of DIVIDE AND RULE Policy over the huge mass of enslaved but wise Indians on the whole. Vandhae maatharam Whom does the Tamil-poet Bharathi mean as ARYANS and which country does he call as ARIYANAADU ? fall in line with that of Mahakavi Bharathi and Dr. Atheism/culture revolutionary is not ruled out to this. As friends shows, the earliest Brahmi- Stone inscrptions have Telugu and Kannada words dated 300 BCE, though we donot have any literature from this languages for another 1000 years atleast.

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