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We all went to dinner every night and paid our own way. I understand that after arriving in Costa Rica, I have to take a one engine propeller plane to get over the mountains to the condo. Going out for just one week does not seem to be worth it.My travel agent gets me really good deals on the all inclusive lifestyle (clothing optional) resorts in Jamaica and Cancun and it is too hard to pass up.Most of you know that I can eat like a horse and I spare nothing when it is lunchtime and dinner time at the buffet.After dancing I go to the hot tub for relaxation and to rejuvenate after doing nothing all day. After so many years of trying to keep my prices as low as possible, I have no choice but to raise prices.Dolly Fox, a big busty blond Lithuanian girl visited Las Vegas recently and contacted me. That is also available for sale in the store section of my website. Wait until I get them and put them up for sale in my website store.She invited me to her suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino to do some shooting. And the rumor that I am retiring is just that, a rumor. Also been to Cancun a few months ago and I am going back there tomorrow morning for 10 days of doing nothing but laying out on the beach or by the pool playing pool volleyball, eating and dancing at night.It helps but I will need another one in about 2 months. If you are going to e-mail me, please put something in the subject block. Maybe some of you older fans of Score remember John Graham, one of the best photographers Score ever had.My oldest dog died about a week ago and I was very sad. He was 18 human years old and that is very old for a dog. It is starting to warm up here in Las Vegas and we had a mild winter. He was my photographer the first time I shot for Score and he did many of my shoots and some of my videos.

-Tell your friends, family, colleagues, co-workers and neighbours to check out ORSM-DOT-NET otherwise my friend Ray will stare very, very innappropriately at your children. He does not need any type of heart surgery and he is recovering nicely but slowly. I got a message from my webmaster and he told me that my website membership is slowly dropping.He suggested that I get more variety in my photos and make the photos more explicit. First thing is that I have one of the very few websites that update weekly and does not ask for more money from the fans who join my membership section. I do show it all and not just my top only like some other big breasted models I know without asking for more money. If you have any photo suggestions please e-mail me and let me know what your ideas are.In fact, I am going to Cancun next month (July) from the 5 As for Woody.He took all the tests that his cardiologist wanted and everything turned out fine.

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