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Pictures of the basilica on Wikimedia Commons are here. The traditional English version of the name is "St Mary Major".This is confusing to many, but it simply means that this is Rome's principal church dedicated to Our Lady (there are very many others).A further complication is that the name Basilica Sicinini occurs in early sources, such as Ammianus Marcellinus.This seems to refer to an otherwise unknown patron or benefactor called Sicininus.Santa Maria Maggiore is a 5th century papal basilica with a postal address at Via Liberiana 27, which is in the rione Monti.The main entrance is on the Piazza di Santa Maria Maggiore. Alternative names to be found in the sources are Santa Maria della Neve (Our Lady of the Snow) after the foundation legend (see below), and Santa Maria ad Praesepem after the relic of the manger (presepe) which is enshrined here.Since 1929, the basilica has been "extraterritorial".

If the conclusion of the archaeologists as regards the last point is correct, then this ancient edifice seems to have post-dated the foundation of the first church traditionally located here. According to the Liber Pontificalis, this first church (the so-called Basilica Liberiana or "Liberian Basilica") was founded in the 350s by Pope Liberius.Unlike the canons at the Lateran, those here are secular priests and not religious.The ancient parish has been appropriated to the church of Santi Vito e Modesto nearby, so the basilica is no longer parochial.The death of Pope Liberius caused a civil war among Roman Christians, because no agreed procedure for electing a pope had yet been worked out.Pope St Damasus I and a rival called Ursicinus were elected, and their supporters started to kill each other.

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This is a charming story, but unfortunately there is no trace of it before the second millennium.

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