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There are many locals buried in the location such as Newton, Hawkins, and Agnew/Taylor.This cemetery is known to house many war veterans dating all the way back to the Civil War.Initially taken to a police station for his own protection, Ronald Butch De Feo Jr was charged with the murders after detectives discovered holes in his stories.

It had changed its name in 1929 due to the welfare reform law and became known as the Suffolk County Home.

It housed the homeless as well as the elderly and infirmed.

In 1937 a new home was built close by on Yaphank Avenue. Foley skilled nursing facility and the home became Suffolk County offices.

The claims of the paranormal began shortly afterwards.

The family asked a priest, Father Ralph Pecoraro to bless the home.

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There have been many claims through the years of paranormal activity occurring here.

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