Java validating strings for digits

One should remember that the specification is a consistent whole.

Chapter 3, Constraint Definition describes how constraints are defined.

In Appendix A, Terminology, key concepts are summarized.

Some reviewers have found that reading the terminology section first helps to better understand the specification.

As of version 1.1, Bean Validation constraints can also be applied to the parameters and return values of methods of arbitrary Java types.

The following persons have actively contributed to Bean Validation 1.1 in alphabetical order: Validating data is a common task that occurs throughout an application, from the presentation layer to the persistence layer.Often the same validation logic is implemented in each layer, proving to be time consuming and error-prone.To avoid duplication of these validations in each layer, developers often bundle validation logic directly into the domain model, cluttering domain classes with validation code that is, in fact, metadata about the class itself.Chapter 6, Constraint metadata request APIs describes how the metadata query API works.Chapter 7, Built-in Constraint definitions list all the built-in constraints.

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Source code for the API, reference implementation, test compatibility kit as well as the specification and the website sources are available in the open.

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