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In this way, on the one hand, a particular Crimean cultural reality was formed.

On the other, however, there could be no doubt that Crimea remained economically and culturally attached primarily to the geographic region that much later would make part of the State of Ukraine.

Petersburg and directed at the political, economic, cultural and religious conquest of the peninsula—and in this context, the gates were opened for a broad immigration from various Russian provinces and other European countries.First it was the Treaty of Brest-Litowsk of 1918 that assigned Crimea to the newly created, but short-lived People's Republic of Ukraine, igniting thereby the idea of a Ukrainian nation of which Crimea should necessarily make part.The second impulse came from the Russian revolution leader Wladimir Iljitisch Lenin who intended, at least in the first years of his reign, to implement an idea of national self-determination that was very much inspired by Western European (and in particular, Austrian and German) thought.6.If the term “Russification” is used, care must be taken to note the changing meaning of this concept over time.In the 18 century it had as yet no nationalist underpinning and was surely not to be seen as being in any way juxtaposed to “Ukrainization”.

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