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According to 4Chan these documents were created by a 4Chan user and sent to anti-Trumper Rick Wilson knowing he would act on this tip: 4Chan discussed this tonight: ** Political hacks emailed documents to #Never Trump jackass Rick Wilson about Trump making people piss on a bed.

However, you can still follow Pauly at MTVpaulypaul.

Then there's Alex Kompothecras' Instagram account, which somehow manages to be much much worse. It was recently discovered through social media posts that Kompothecras is friends with Michael Wenzel, of the now viral shark-dragging video.

There are also posts of showing a pile drugs and another where he appears to be snorting cocaine.

But of course, this account is completely gone now.

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  1. The hosts were often joined by viewers via webcam, phone, or through email submissions. Previous guests include MTV reality star Tila Tequila, Canadian dancer Blake Mc Grath, reality TV regular Evan Starkman and bands such as Moneen, The Most Serene Republic, ill Scarlett, and Alexisonfire.