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On short notice I was able to reconstitute my intelligence support. He needed to consult with them, he said, and on the 15th—my thirty-seventh birthday—I found myself pacing the floor of my office on the thirtieth floor of the United Nations Secretariat Building in New York, waiting for the results of these talks.The first two inspection teams were dispatched to Bahrain. I would be joined by my deputy chief inspector as well as several operations staff. Clinton administration officials, torn between pressure from the Republicans to go forward and a reluctance to respond to any Iraqi confrontation (and there was sure to be one) with military force, had tried to convince Butler to postpone the inspection until "a more opportune time." Butler was convinced.

The onus of leadership fell on him, I said, and if he would seize the initiative, Washington and London would have to follow.All of us were veteran inspectors, requiring no additional training. To me, he called it a case of "bad timing." I viewed it as something else—an appalling lack of leadership, not only in Washington and London, but also on Butler's part.He was allowing a golden opportunity to slip through his fingers.UNSCOM would be prepared to camp out around this site until the situation had been resolved one way or the other.The countdown to a perhaps decisive four-day blitz of confrontation began, with the first inspection—Ba'ath party headquarters—due to take place on July 20. K., Butler told me, were uncertain about going ahead.

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He graduated from Kaiserslautern American High School in 1979, and later from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with a Bachelor of Arts in the history of the Soviet Union and departmental honors. During Desert Storm, he served as a ballistic missile advisor to General Norman Schwarzkopf. Iraq protested about the supply of such information to Israel.

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