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But last night's programme was slammed by some viewers on Twitter who were perplexed that some people on the show appeared to defend the boys (inset, bottom).Journalist Blake Morrison, (left) who covered the trial for the New Yorker, spoke about his realisation that the defendants were just 'two small boys'.

The 15-year-old, who suffered from mental health problems, was rescued unharmed on December 1 at a Louisiana residence.Joshua Stimpson (centre) had posted menacing messages on Facebook before attacking university student Molly Mc Laren (right in centre image) at a retail park in Chatham, Kent last summer.Miss Mc Laren had twice contacted police about Stimpson's behaviour, the second time less than a week before her death, but he ignored their warnings to leave her alone.London's FTSE 100 fell to its lowest level since late 2016, dropping to 7079.4 before recovering to 7208.60 points.World stock markets have nosedived for a fourth day running, having seen trillion wiped off record high values.

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He said: 'To look at them in the court room to hear them on tapes was to realise that they were small boys, however disturbed, they were small boys.

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