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Howard (Doctoral Student, UNR Geology program) for an interesting look at fossil hunting using traditional paleontologic techniques, and newer methods of visualization such as 3D scanning and micro-CT imaging. You DO NOT have to be single to attend and you WILL NOT be forced to have awkward conversations with strangers.However, this event might test your compatibility with a certain 67-million-year-old gal named “Sue.” If that’s what you’re into, we hope to see you here!

Noble, Ph D (UNR Professor of Geology) and Kerry L.

Dropping its inaugral trailer on a lazy Sunday afternoon, one day before Memorial Day, seems a little odd, but then again, it is a Nascar film, so I guess the Sunday release makes some sense on that front.

We’ve also got Spanish movie worksheets, literacy holiday cards, and a terrific vocabulary choice board.

Here’s your chance to spend quality time with Sue and find out all there is to know about her amazing 67-million-year history—what she ate, who she fought, where she lived, and the ferocious details of the custody battle that followed her discovery in South Dakota.

Labs, lectures and programming at this Social Science will include: Fossils and Dig Pits Scavenge dig pits for dino puzzle pieces and examine a variety of real fossils.

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Neither had we, but what a fun way to get high school students talking and sharing their ideas from books they’ve read.

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