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Complaints alleging discrimination or harassment based on a person’s actual or perceived transgender status or gender nonconformity shall to be handled in the same manner as other discrimination or harassment complaints through the Equal Opportunity Services Office and the district support team.

The goal shall be to maintain continuity of the student’s education in a safe learning environment.

An individual can express or assert a transgender gender identity in a variety of ways, which may but do not always include specific medical treatments or procedures.

Conduct may constitute gender-based discrimination regardless of the actual or perceived sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation of the persons experiencing or engaging in the conduct.Students shall not be required to obtain a court ordered name, a gender change or to change their official records before they may be addressed by the name and pronoun that corresponds to their gender identity.This procedural directive may not prohibit inadvertent slips or honest mistakes, but it shall apply to an intentional and persistent refusal to respect a student’s gender identity.For purposes of this procedural directive, “transgender” describes an individual whose gender identity is different from the individual’s assigned sex at birth.For example, “Transgender boy” and “transgender male” refer to an individual assigned the female sex at birth who has a male gender identity.

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