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Here are some suggestions: Management will need certain data from you in order to see overall health, performance against milestones, and the threat that project issues present.For overall project health, these data points might include: These data elements should provide a sound overview of project health for the average executive who is not details minded and is not interested in getting more involved in your project.Issues may be holding up those dates, so when I see a problem in your project schedule, I can read further and see what it is.

Excellent status reporting means that managers are fully informed of your projects health and overall direction without having to get involved themselves.If I am your supervisor, I need to see more than just the overall health of the project.I also want to see where we are against certain milestones so that I can make a decision about whether or not to get more involved.The final portion of your status report is to list the major issues your project faces.Important data that we need on your issues: If you produce really great status on a project and provide it often enough and to the right people, which are great topics for future articles, you should expect one of two results.

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It should not be necessary to create colourful slide shows or multi-page documents in order to provide really great status reports. Narratives and prose are always unwelcome in status reports, and yet so many write as though they were authoring a novel and create a report that management must spend inordinate amounts of time with in order to get what they need.

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