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Tag team wrestling is especially prevalent in lucha libre, particularly matches with three-member teams, called trios.Lucha libre wrestlers are known as luchadores (singular luchador) ("wrestler(s)").We haven’t covered how to dress professionally if you have curves in a long while — so let’s discuss. Get thee to a lingerie store that might actually carry sizes larger than a D cup or smaller than a band size 34, and ask a salesperson for help. A while back there was a lawsuit against a big bank from a woman who said she was fired for being too sexy — apparently she wore low-cut blouses, skin-tight “suits,” and platform heels that emphasized her curves (some of which, if memory serves, had been surgically enhanced).For my $.02, the notion that you have to deliberately hide your body or dress in dowdy clothes is just not true. (Be prepared to spend quite a bit of money for this endeavor — a single good bra can cost you or up.) Similarly, look at your shirts, skirts, and pants: if your clothes are too tight, they will “smile” when you put them on, and tug at the zippers and buttons. I’m not saying you have to wear a muumuu, but look at yourself in the mirror and seriously appreciate what clothes are saying about you.

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Mexican wrestling is characterized by colorful masks, rapid sequences of holds and maneuvers, as well as "high-flying" maneuvers, some of which have been adopted in the United States.

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