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The song is expected to be released in February 21, 2018.

There is a "returner" who plays against Oishi for the spot on the Regulars for the National Tournament, but it's not Echizen, it's Tezuka, returning from his injury.Don't worry too much about Kikumaru ^^ There won't be any Golden Pair (for a while, at least : D but there is his "Dream Pair" combi with Fuji... lol, he deserves the singles position on his own, seeing as he is the best there well in my eyes lol. Fuji and Kikumaru are good friends that work well together. I haven't seen POT for about 5-6 months considering it was getting a little overboard. And should I see what I missed so I'll be able to follow?Oh, and reading the summary for Episode 3 of the OVA from animate... Though a few details are changed, we'll still get to see Yagyuu & Kaidoh teaming up under disguise (as each other) in a street tennis match~No way i dont know how to do spoiler tags, so please avoid what im gonna say if you dont want it to be a spoiler. Kikumaru isn't too strong in singles (and is necessary in doubles), and the one to logically work well with him is Fuji. He'll still play in Nationals with Kikumaru, don't worry. against Hyoutei, he and Kikumaru team up and Fuji sits out, for whatever reason. I suppose it depends where exactly in the story you left off.Since the end of the anime sort of got off from this goal, you don't really need to watch it.The story here seems as if it's going to follow the manga more closely, though there are some obvious and notable anyone know when the 2nd OVA will be out or does anyone have a site that lists the release dates?? According to this site, Volume 2 comes out May 26th and contains two episodes: "Hot & Cool" (episode 2) and "The fourth counter" (episode 3). : PYeah, two episodes per volume, except for the first which only had one, for a total of 13 OVA episodes. it'll have some differences from its manga counter-part, but there's something in particular that I'm reaaaaally looking forward to...

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First episode was released on 24th March 2006 (Ani DB ( I havent watched it yet lol, hoping someone Subs it lol.

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