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They'll usually behave aggressively with limited impulse control and attention span.

If they have super powers, these will usually include Super Senses, Super Strength, Wall Jump, Running on All Fours and an enhanced immune system coupled with a Healing Factor. They may or may not be evil, but a good beast man will have to fight their base impulses very often.

Besides all the work he is known for, the composer once wrote a famous love letter to a nameless beloved, and the movie tries to ...

See full summary » For hundreds of years, Native American culture has believed in the evil cannibalistic spirit known as "the wendigo".

For those who had taken part in cannibalism, no matter the reason, it ...

When George and Kim arrive at their cabin, they discover that it's next door to Otis' property, and they soon find that a dark and intimidating presence seems to have taken over the cottage. I just expected a little more wendigo like the title mentions. Like I said it is pretty good, I just expected the Wendigo to play more of a part in the movie like the title says.

Since, when they stopped at a store en route to the cabin, a shopkeeper told Miles about the legend of the Wendigo, a beast from ...

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Good Beast Men will be in tune with nature, evil ones will just embody everlasting rage.

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