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The earliest inhabitants of the area came a few thousand years ago, perhaps descendants of Asiatic tribes that entered America by way of Alaska.

Indians living in Oregon wandered far up and down the country in search of game or fish.

You can also jump to "chapters" of this page by clicking on one of these: (Use to return here.) Beginnings College Catholics Benedictines Fr. They came by ox train from Indiana in the 50s and by rail from Minnesota in the 70s.

But for now, enjoy this fascinating Sublimity Historical Outline This is a single long web page in chronological order.

Another reason suggested for its decline was competition from Philomath College, another United Brethren institution southwest of Corvallis, Oregon. They were an industrious and persistent lot, and their arrival eventually transformed the depressed hamlet into a busy rural village supplying trade to the area. 1874- Nearly all the abandoned farms in the area were re-possessed by these new people and the town grew rapidly. 1876- Nicholas La Croix, a Sublimity storekeeper, became postmaster.

Many of the new settlers came by rail from German colonies which had previously located in Minnesota or Wisconsin. 1875- Drury Smith Stayton, in 1854 postmaster of Sublimity and one of the founders of Sublimity College, was one of the first buried in the Grier Cemetery between Sublimity and Stayton, which town he founded (but that's another story).

1857- After three years of growth the United Brethren settlement decided to establish a school in keeping with their ideals of education. It was empowered to "grant and confer degrees in the liberal arts and sciences to such pupils of the institution . ." Algebra, geometry, English, ancient languages, music etc. This gave Sublimity the early distinction of being a "college town." The academic level ranged from the primary grades up, but did not much exceed high school level.

Sublimity had become a natural center for settlers, and the United Brethren decided to locate their school here. It became especially known for two things - its outstanding Latin department, and its baseball team, which had beaten Willamette University on its home field.

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